The School supports a number of charities both throughout the year and also at specific times of the year. 

By contributing to the church collection during the School Mass, children learn the importance of giving to the parish. The money raised is used to support four children around the world through the charity World Vision. At the end of each year, we donate some additional money to “our” children and then use any spare to buy charitable gifts from World Vision and OXFAM.

In preparation for our Harvest Festival, the children are given a full Smartie tube to show that they are loved and cherished. We ask them to eat the Smarties and then fill the empty tube with money which is donated to The Passage which is a charity based in Victoria to help homeless people. We collect toothbrushes to decorate our school Christmas tree which are then donated to The Passage as they get through so many each year.

We hold other charity fund raising events throughout the year such as Red Nose Day, support for the people of Haiti and Japan and the Paediatric Unit at St. Mary’s Hospital.