Community & Environment

The school has a very strong reputation in the local community and we are proud of how well the children act as ambassadors. The school choir is pivotal to spreading the good image of our school as they sing for many different audiences in the area. Wherever they go in their uniform, the children are expected to behave beautifully and they do!

No Power Hour ECO Team

Last week the whole school descended into darkness while held our first ‘No Power Hour’! Organised by the Eco Team, we started at 2:00pm and turned all power sources off for a whole hour. Even the office and Ms. Woodford got involved, as hard as it was! The Eco Team were going round checking that everyone was cooperating and were overall very impressed with how well we were fighting the cause to reduce energy. Well done everyone, we did it!

Eco Science Week

Eco Science week proved hugely successful and the excellent organisation of Miss Daly and Miss Capell ensured there were lots of experiments and explosive activities for the children to enjoy!  We were also delighted to welcome two eminent scientists during the week who spoke to the children about their passion for their own scientific areas of interest.  Professor Steven Rose, a former St. Saviour’s pupil, spoke of his work at Imperial College as a physicist and recent breakthroughs he has worked on. Please click here for more details. 

We were also delighted to welcome top obstetrician Amma Kyei-Mensah who spoke to Years Five and Six about her important work.  The children had many interesting answers to her question “Do you know what a scientist does?” and they paid rapt attention to her talk.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if these visits sparked further interest in the sciences amongst our young minds?