In September, we turned the school over to the children for the whole day – literally. Following meetings with two parents, Mr. Nick Corston and Mrs. Jackie Schroer, we felt that we could follow the lead offered by STEAMco (seen in the public arena at Camp Bestival) and provide a day of complete creativity and freedom for the children to enjoy.

Over 30 parents helped to turn each classroom and areas around the school into a space full of endless possibilities. These included a print room, racing snails, hug a tree experience, a clay mountain, creating furniture out of newspaper, an apothecaries’ garden, a sense area, story writing, chromatography, graffiti wall, model making and animation, a solar system tepee, the world’s smallest disco, noisy toys, hidden bears, flag codes.

All children had a passport that could be stamped at every station they stopped at and this helped them gain specially prepared medals. We even had a Master of Ceremonies who introduced the day and awarded medals to the children. 

Best of all was the fact that the children were allowed to choose where they went and what they did without any guidance from adults. Some went in small groups or pairs and some decided to go on their own. Whatever the decision, the result was the same – a great time was had by everyone.

We were confident that the children would react well to their freedom but were still amazed at how well they managed. The parents and outside experts were impressed with the children, our school and the real sense of community that exuded throughout the day.

STEAMco News!

Miss Cornelius and her band of helpers (Miss Eastman, Miss Squires, Mrs McKay and Mrs. El-Sahn) were kept very busy last Friday taking photographs and creating an animation of the shots. Here is our video!



There is also a link to amazing photographs taken by Mrs. Ritchie of the whole range of activities from the day.  Please go to and look for yourself!