Specialist Week

Throughout the year, we hold specialist weeks and days to highlight particular subjects or activities. These range from Maths, Literacy, Expressive Arts, e-Safety, Science, Healthy Schools and Christianity Day.

During these weeks, the children have focused activities which emphasise the particular subject. For example, during Maths week, each class has to come up with a business plan to raise money for classroom equipment. They present these ideas to Ms. Woodford during a special assembly and then, if it is deemed to be a good plan, they are given a loan of £10. This is used to buy the materials or ingredients needed to make items for sale during the Maths Week sale.

After this, the class has to present a full account of what they have spent and earned as well as how much profit they have made – after they have paid back the £10 they initially borrowed. The class that raises the most money is awarded the Maths Challenge Trophy. All money raised is used by the children to buy equipment of their choice for the classroom.