Outdoor Adventures

To help the children develop a sense of direction, children in KS2 are offered courses in swimming, cycling and horse riding.

Year Four starts off the adventures with a weekly swimming lesson at The Canons Sports Centre in Paddington Basin. They are taught basic swimming skills and aim to achieve the required 50M certificate by the end of the year.

Year Five learn how to ride their bikes safely in the playground over a two week course in March. Trained instructors from the Westminster Road Safety Unit work show them how to ride and manoeuvre their bikes safely and with awareness of others on the road. If they reach a certain standard, then on the last day of the course, children and instructors go out onto quiet roads surrounding the school for some on-road training.

Everyone looks forward to getting into Year Six and one of the reasons for this is that children have an eight week horse riding session in Hyde Park. Ms. Woodford and Mrs. El-Sahn escort a group of 12 children and we are provided with ponies from The Hyde Park Riding Stables and Ross Nye Riding Stables. Great fun is had by all!