Red Nose Day 2019

We are having a Red Nose Day today.  However, we are asking children not to wear red noses if they are made of plastic – in a small effort to help reduce pollution.

The £1 donation will all go to the Red Nose Day charity.  We will also look to see if The Big Give can offer matching funding.


Book Week 2019

We had a wonderful Book Week at St Saviour’s with each class focusing on a story written by Anthony Browne. The children explored the meaning of his stories through the detailed pictures.
The children have done some excellent work in response to their stories!

We also enjoyed the St Saviour’s reading breakfast. It was wonderful to see so many families sharing stories together. Books aren’t just for bedtime – they’re for breakfast too!

The costumes this year were phenomenal. The children and adults in the school had gone to great lengths to dress up as their favourite characters! It was great to see a range of books represented.

Online Safety Week 2019

This year’s theme for Online Safety Week was ‘Fake News’. The aims of the week were for children to understand that:

  • not everything we read online and offline is true.
  • sharing fake news can have very negative consequences.
  • you must question everything you read and check with other sources.
  • you must always tell an adult if you are unsure about something you read in the news.

Throughout the week, all classes (Early Years, KS1 and KS2) were taught about how to spot fake news. We read fake newspaper articles and voted as a class as to whether or not we thought they were real. We thought of our own headlines, wrote our own newspaper reports and explained what we need to do in order to keep safe online. During our whole school assembly, led by Miss Cornelius, we were reminded of our Online Safety advice at St Saviour’s: Zip it, Block it, Flag it. Children must keep personal information safe, block nasty messages or email attachments and always report to an adult if they are unsure of something.

Year Six Tech Team: Fake News Video

The Year Six Tech Team wrote, filmed and edited a fake news report that was shared in Assembly with the whole school. We discussed how reporting must be fair, balanced and factual (and picked out the parts of this news report that were misleading or bias). You can watch our video here:


KS1 are visited by a BBC Journalist

Years One and Two had the opportunity to ask a real BBC reporter today about what journalists must do in order to research and report accurately. Emily has been a journalist at the BBC for over 15 years, and gave us some great knowledge and ideas for how to spot fake news and how to interview people using the 5 Ws. She also told us that we need at least two trusted sources before we can report on a story.

Choir Release their own Carol!

Choir had a super busy Christmas singing beautifully at several occasions and are thrilled to have recorded their very own Christmas Carol! Written with the help of Miss. Hodgson and Mr. Clarke, Heaven’s Greatest Gift uses the children’s own lyrics and is now available for download on Band Camp.
For a minimum of £1 (or more if you;re feeling generous!), you can have a copy of the carol to listen to at home and on your own devices…. Money raised will support resourcing the Music Department at school.

Winners for Westminster!!

We are delighted to inform you that St. Saviour’s has WON the Active School Award! We are so excited and honoured to have won this prestigious award.

Westminster recognised that we “have shown true dedication to increased physical activity and achievement for their students”.

Congratulations also to our Specialist PE and Sports teacher, Mr Michael!

Early Years and Key Stage One Nativity

Early Years and Key Stage One performed exceptionally well at this year’s Nativity play. The children received a standing ovation! It was a huge success, with some saying it was even the best one yet! There was not a dry eye in the house.

Well done to all the performers. You were professional and full of energy from start to finish.

Tate Britain Gallery Trip

On Tuesday 27th November, the G&T Literacy group from Year 6 took part in a wonderful trip to the Tate Britain Gallery to visit the William Blake room as part of their work on the David Almond novel, Skellig. The children enjoyed observing and sketching Blake’s painting and prints and wrote poems inspired by his work. They were excellent ambassadors for the school.

David Almond even tweeted to say how impressed he was with their work!


Anti Bullying Day 2018

School should be a place where children feel safe and happy. At St Saviour’s, we strongly believe in creating an environment where children are taught to be kind, considerate and, most importantly, respectful towards others.

Anti Bullying Day gave as another opportunity to reinforce our values. As a school, we focused on the theme of respect. Each class thought of ways that we can show respect not only to to others but to ourselves as well. We also wore odd socks to celebrate our differences! 

In RE, we thought of big questions such as ‘How can we show respect to everyone?’ Year One looked at the ‘Golden Rule’ which is in Matthew, Chapter 7:12. It reads:

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

This is a very clear message to encourage children to treat people how you would like to be treated.

St Saviour’s is a Mathletics Ambassador School!

Last year, we were fortunate enough to have the funding to purchase Mathletics. The children, in both KS1 and KS2, find it an incredibly enjoyable and engaging way to practise maths skills both in school and at home. Our children complete homework assignments as well as have the opportunity to play maths games in order to revise key number facts. Children are awarded with certificates in school assemblies and their achievements are celebrated.

Please click here if you would like to find out more about how we use Mathletics in school and how it has benefited our children. We are now an ambassador school and a leading example for how Mathletics can help improve children’s learning.


Vicar Appreciation Day 2018

Today we celebrated Vicar Appreciation Day. We were so lucky to have Father Bradley visit our school and spend time with us all. The children shared some thoughtful and thankful comments in a whole school assembly. He was overwhelmed with the video Mrs Scott helped to make with our RE Ambassadors. Father Bradley then visited KS2 to answer questions about his life and duties as our Vicar. The RE Ambassadors invited him to a very special lunch as well. 

Thank you for everything you do for us Father Bradley. Below is a video, made with the help of the RE Ambassadors and Mrs Scott, to show our appreciation.


International Week 2018

A big thank you to Mr Oxley and all of the teachers for a wonderful International Week! The children all focussed on a Spanish speaking country this year, and we were pleased to see so many children wearing outfits from their class’s country on International Dress Up day.

In addition, thank you to everyone who came along to our International Evening on Friday. We raised a grand total of £1360!  This will go towards our PTA fundraising this year.

Year One Visit the Synagogue

Year One had a fantastic day at the St John’s Wood Synagogue. We had a wonderful talk by a lady called Dina, who is married to the Rabbi. We found out lots of new facts about the Jewish religions, for example the Torah Ark is shaped like a mountain and a prayer shawl is worn to help the speaker focus and concentrate better.

The class were a credit to the school, with Dina saying that they were a joy to have. She was so impressed with their knowledge about Judaism. Well done Year One!


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Trip to the Serpentine Gallery and Pavilion

First, we all went to the Pavillion. The Pavillion was made out of roof tiles. Then, we went inside to have our workshop. In the workshop we made pictures of things we might be doing in different times in different countries. After that we made a dance out of the drawings we did. After we had our lunch and then we went to the Diana Memorial and saw a pyramid on the water made out of barrels before heading back to school. Thank you Miss Smallhorn and Mrs Dawkins for taking us!

Year 3,4 5 Artists

Years 5 and 6 perform Mary Poppins

This term, Years 5 and 6 have been rehearsing the musical ‘Mary Poppins’ based on the P.L.Travers novel set in Edwardian London about a magical nanny and her time with the Banks family. Year 6 put a lot of effort into this performance. We especially need to thank Mr Harding, Mrs Pearman, Mr Stallard and of course Miss Hodgson for now we have a show which is ‘practically perfect in every way’ – Lekha Year 6


Football’s Coming Home…

St Saviour’s School got very much into the football spirit today in order to show our support for England in their Semi Final World Cup match.  We are all very excited at the prospect that it might actually be coming home!!

St Saviour’s Win the Community Education Award 2018

St Saviour’s are very pleased to announce that we have WON the Community Education Award 2018 for our action against bullying and cyber bullying. Miss Cornelius submitted an application that reflects all the work we do here to ensure that children know bullying is not accepted at our school in any form, both online and offline. Out of 590 primary and secondary schools across the country, our hard work has been recognised and we won the award! Please feel free to visit the Community Education Award website for more details.

As a reward for all their hard work and efforts, the Year Six Tech Team will be going on a very special Coding workshop with Miss Cornelius, as well as receiving goodies and certificates in an assembly. 

Years 3 and 4 Present Roald Dahl’s Cinderella

Wow! What a show! Well done to all the cast who performed Roald Dahl’s very witty adaptation of Cinderella to an incredibly high standard. A huge congratulations also to Miss Hodgson who, once again, put together a fantastic piece of entertainment for us all to enjoy. 


St Saviour’s Past and Present Break World Record!

The Westminster Mile was officially the largest timed mile event ever with over 8000 timed competitors taking part. Coach Michael managed to catch up with a few St Saviour’s families on the day. See pictures below.


NEWS JUST IN: With 8,048 finishers the Vitality Westminster Mile is now officially the biggest ever timed mile event in the world!

Imaginarium Day 2018

St. Saviour’s School hosts Imaginarium Day 2018!  On Friday 13th April, the school was turned over to over 20 different creative and imaginative activities for the children to choose from.  These included 3D modelling, the smallest disco in the world, mathematical puzzles, spin painting, clay making, music and drumming, shadow puppetry, photography, jewellery making, embroidery and many more STEAM activities. Children have the amazing opportunity to explore a world of creativity involving many elements of science and technology as well as art.  By combining all these elements together, it is possible to link different parts of children’s imagination to discover new ideas and solutions to problems.

Mrs Clark (Joseph’s mum) worked alongside Miss Cornelius and the Year Six Tech Team to help produce a video which showcases the amazing activities that were on offer throughout the day. The children are clearly the stars of the show and it is evident from the video that great fun was had by all. A huge thank you to Mrs Clark for helping to make this magnificent video!

Changes to Data Protection Law

Please follow the link below for more information about changes regarding Data Protection.

Changes to Data Protection Law

St Saviour’s Anti Bullying Video

The Year Six Tech Team has been working hard with Miss Cornelius to produce a powerful video about anti bullying and cyber bullying. During Internet Safety Day, all children across the school participated in a project where we created the St Saviour’s Netiquette Rules for creating a positive online and offline environment. In the video below, you can learn some of the signs of bullying, who you can turn to for support and the similarities between the online and offline world.

Click here for more information about bullying and cyberbullying, including the signs to look out for as a parent and the effects of bullying on mental health.


Reading Breakfast Morning

We really enjoyed our first ever reading breakfast and book swap! It was so lovely to see children swapping books and talking about why they enjoyed the stories they have donated. It was great to hear the book swap sparking conversations around why books had been donated and who may enjoy reading certain books.  

The hall was packed with families sharing stories and discussing books! Seeing parents and carers taking some time out of their days to sit and read with their children was wonderful . Thank you to all parents and carers who were able to join us for the event.

The Auction Website Goes Live!

We are delighted to announce the PTA Auction Website is now up and ready for you to access.  Please use this link to access the website and start donating your lots!

Many thanks,

Ms Woodford


New St Saviour’s Phonics Video

Mrs Wilson and Miss Cornelius have recorded a new video to help aid your understanding of Phonics. You can hear the pronunciations of the Phase 3 and 5 sounds, as well as a basic introduction to sound buttons and pseudo words.



Year 5 visit the Apple Store

Year Five had the opportunity yesterday to visit the Apple store on Regent’s Street. We had a fantastic workshop where we were able to use the iPads and an app called ‘Clips’ to help film and produce videos based on the Ancient Greeks. We then watched our videos back on the big screen! Each child received a complimentary Apple T-Shirt and a certificate to show we had successfully learnt a new skill using ‘Clips’. Thank you to the Apple store for a amazing workshop!

Sayers Croft 2018

After waving good bye to their parents, Year Five set off on their much anticipated trip to Sayers Croft.  There was a buzz of excitement in the air as they arrived at Sayers Croft to begin their three-day stay.  They braved the ice cold weather to go pond dipping and exploring river features in the local river as well as practising outdoor skills such as building shelters and orienteering.  The evenings were spent by the campfire toasting marsh mallows and drinking hot chocolate while the days were jam packed without door activities that immersed the children in nature.  Year Five embraced the outdoors with great enthusiasm and certainly developed a great sense of independence while they were away.  They also represented St Saviour’s School exceptionally well indeed.  The countdown now begins to their Year 6 Residential trip.

Online Safety Workshop with the Local Police

The children and parents were lucky enough to be visited by the local School Police Officers today, who both delivered fantastic sessions about Online Safety. 

Some classes had the opportunity to try on the Officer’s Uniform as well as use their radios to communicate. We also had our fingerprints done.

Abigail in Year One said: “The uniform was so heavy! I was really shocked. I don’t think I could wear it all day”.

Year Six wrote poems with the Police Officers. Please click here to see a fantastic example of what they wrote.


Dear Parents

We are writing to inform you that school will remain closed tomorrow (Friday 2nd March) and we anticipate being back in action, ready to go on Monday morning.

Other dates for your diary
Wednesday 7th March 8:30am-8:55am
Parents Safety Workshop in the Hall led by our local police officers. All parents are welcome to attend. The officers will also be leading workshops with each class from Year 1-6 during the same day.

Wednesday 21st March 8:45-9:45am
Parents Coffee Morning in the Hall with a focus on Healthy Lifestyles for you and your children led by our School Nurse.

Please remember to continue thinking about ideas for our special day on 13th April. 



Dear Parents,

School will be closed tomorrow (THURSDAY 1st MARCH) due to severe weather conditions.

Parents should check both their school emails and the Parent Mail App for updates.

Both the children and adult PTA Quiz Nights on Friday have also been postponed.


At St Saviour’s we encourage children to fall in love with reading. We want them to develop a positive attitude towards reading and recognise that it is an important life skill. We hope that children value reading as an enjoyable activity but also understand that they can read for information.

Initially we teach reading through phonics.  At St. Saviour’s we follow the government programme of teaching phonics and in Foundation Stage we use Jolly Phonics to support the government programme.  Children are taught to split words into sounds (segment) and put sounds together to make words (blend).  In Foundation Stage and Year One, children are taught phonics four times a week.  In Year Two, children are taught once a week.  In Key Stage Two, children who need extra support are taught individually or in intervention groups.  Our phonics lessons follow the same structure across the school, and this structure is also used to teach spelling rules from Year Two upwards.  We also teach ‘tricky’ words which are not phonetically plausible within phonics lessons.  Children are encouraged to use their phonetic knowledge and understanding in reading and writing.  We find that the children are more confident at using a range of engaging vocabulary in their writing thanks to their phonetic skills, knowledge and understanding.

Beyond phonics, one of the main ways we teach reading is through guided reading. The children have the opportunity to read a wide variety of texts in small groups and explore them in detail. This is done with adults and then as they grow in independence we encourage the children to lead the groups, with an adult present, asking each other probing questions around the text. Children are taught according to their individual needs and we have a wide variety of texts, fiction and nonfiction for this.

The teaching of reading also filters into many other areas of learning and is taught in a wide variety of contexts. For example, children read for information in topic based lessons. We have recently developed our classroom libraries and invested in some new books, which were chosen by the children. There are up to date engaging books in all classrooms which the children enjoy reading.

Online Safety Day 2018

St Saviour’s is proud to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2018. We believe that it is incredibly important to educate children on how to use the Internet safely, and how to overcome potential problems that they encounter online. 

The theme for this year was Cyber Bullying. As a school, we had an assembly with Miss Cornelius and discussed how the online environment is in fact not that dissimilar from the offline environment. We talked about what we should do to create a happy and positive environment online. We also discussed what we should do if we receive hurtful comments or feel like we are being bullied online. We discussed the term ‘banter’ and what to do if banter escalates via group messaging. If we start to feel concerned or uncomfortable, we must tell a trusted adult.

If we feel we are being cyber bullied, we discussed how we must:

  • Stop what we are doing and do not retaliate.
  • Block the user.
  • Report any messages to an trusted adult.
  • Report inappropriate videos or users using the report button.
  • Screenshot the evidence.

Messages should be positive, and the emojis we use should be encouraging. We should not overshare information and we should always ask permission if posting messages or images about other people.

Key Stage One and Key Stage Two all created a set of ‘Netiquette’ Rules for creating a positive online environment. These will be on display near the Computing room and some are posted below. 

If you have any questions regarding online safety, please contact Miss Cornelius or Mrs Nuechtern.

The Circus comes to St Saviour’s

It has been a fun-filled week here in school! I’m sure your children will agree that our visitor ‘Lucas Jet’ has been a big hit!  His assemblies and workshops have been incredible and the children have been delighted to share in the circus experience.  The whole school have been able to watch Lucas perform many tricks as well as learn some tricks of their own in class workshops. Here are some quotes from a few children:


“It was awesome how only one person could do so many tricks!” Panayiotis Year 4

“I think it was mind-blowing of how he could do all of those tricks without failing!’ Vivian Year 4

“How can he juggle so well?” Maximos Year 5

“He was very funny and entertaining! I learnt how to co-ordinate my hands to juggle!” Noel Year 5


Maths Week 2018

This year’s Maths Week was, once again, extremely successful. All classes participated in a range of mathematical activities, with using and applying maths as our key focus.

The children enjoyed being taught by a different teacher during Class Swap as well as interacting with the Dads and other male family members on Dad’s Afternoon. There was a turn out of over 70 Dads! Well done!

The Key Stage Maths Quiz was an exciting time for all. Congratulations to the winning team, which was Mars (Teddy, Salem, Oliver and Iago).

Finally, the whole week builds up towards the highly anticipated Business Challenge. Results will be announced in Friday’s Assembly. We had a range of products this year, including peppermint creams, pizza, jelly, slime, cupcakes, ice cream, fruit kebabs, Emoji biscuits, smores and many more! However, lots of classes opted for raffles. Results to be announced soon!




KS1 Nativity 2017

Years One and Two performed exceptionally well at this year’s Nativity play. We were all extremely proud of them and there was not a dry eye in the house!

This year, we were lucky enough to be visited by Sing Up, who were utterly impressed with the children’s ability to learn and perform a range of new songs so well. Below are some photos from the performance.

St Saviour’s Staff Preparing for Christmas

Who needs the Marks and Spencer’s or John Lewis adverts when staff at St Saviour’s have created our own ‘Preparing for Christmas’ film??!  St. Saviour’s  School prepares for the arrival of a new recruit… who is in the box delivered by Santa??!

Below you can find out what the exciting surprise was. Needless to say, the children were thrilled to find out!

Videos filmed and edited by Miss Cornelius.

STARS Gold Award


Jayden, a Bike It Crew member from Year Five, represented our school at a London wide TfL STARS Seminar. As part of this special Seminar Jayden accepted our STARS Gold Award in a special awards ceremony at the end of the day. Be on the lookout for more exciting travel events coming your way, as Jayden was able to liaise with other children from London schools to think of new things we can do.

Royal Ballet Dance Lesson with BBC Ten Pieces

On 13th November some KS2 children took part in the BBC Live Lesson led by teachers from the Royal Ballet School. As part of our work inspired by the project ‘Ten Pieces’ – the children were encouraged to create dance motifs in response to listening to ‘The Waltz of the Flowers’ from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Suite.

The children danced by themselves, in pairs and as a whole group. They worked really hard and enjoyed performing the motifs they had choreographed. We live tweeted whilst we were performing that afternoon and made it in to a BBC social media ‘moment’!

Ten Pieces is a Nation wide project that encourages children to have creative responses to music – whether that’s art, dance, poetry, story writing or composing…. the options are endless! You can join in the fun at home too! Visit the 10 pieces website here and perhaps have a go at a project at home. Perhaps you’d like to paint a picture or write a poem? Maybe you could make a model or choreograph a dance? Make sure you bring it in so we can share it at school – or perhaps take a photo or video! Miss. Hodgson would love to see them!

Vicar Appreciation Week

Last week we celebrated Vicar Appreciation Week by having a special Monday Mass led by the RE Ambassadors, a special presentation to our local clergy in an assembly and a Vicar Appreciation Banquet hosted by the RE Ambassadors.

International Day 2017

We have had another successful International Week, with classes exploring a range of different countries in their lessons this week. Year One were learning fascinating facts about Ancient Egypt, whilst Year Five had the opportunity to make Japanese dolls. Year Two were also very excited to make Italian pizza! 

On Friday, we had our annual International Evening, which again was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who contributed a dish from their chosen nationality. We had a marvellous time and enjoyed sharing food with those in our school community. Well done to the Year Six Samba band, led this year by Miss Lorimer.