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Tik Tok

Please read here for information and advice about an app that has become popular with young children under 16.

Tik Tok is a ‘new’ app that has replaced, and it allows children to create and share short music videos. It has been brought to our attention that some children in the school have mentioned having an account and the app installed on their devices. The age restriction is 13 years which means it is not appropriate for children under this age. This is due to the fact you can share videos with the public (i.e anyone else that has access to a Tik Tok account). There are dangers of strangers contacting children via private messaging and also inappropriate material posted and shared. All accounts are initially public and you must make the steps in order to change it to private.  Please make sure you are aware if your child has downloaded this app and if they do have your permission (although we strongly recommend children under 13 not using it) they know the risks and how to use it safely. More information can be found here: