Imaginarium Day 2018

St. Saviour’s School hosts Imaginarium Day 2018!  On Friday 13th April, the school was turned over to over 20 different creative and imaginative activities for the children to choose from.  These included 3D modelling, the smallest disco in the world, mathematical puzzles, spin painting, clay making, music and drumming, shadow puppetry, photography, jewellery making, embroidery and many more STEAM activities. Children have the amazing opportunity to explore a world of creativity involving many elements of science and technology as well as art.  By combining all these elements together, it is possible to link different parts of children’s imagination to discover new ideas and solutions to problems.

Mrs Clark (Joseph’s mum) worked alongside Miss Cornelius and the Year Six Tech Team to help produce a video which showcases the amazing activities that were on offer throughout the day. The children are clearly the stars of the show and it is evident from the video that great fun was had by all. A huge thank you to Mrs Clark for helping to make this magnificent video!