The Circus comes to St Saviour’s

It has been a fun-filled week here in school! I’m sure your children will agree that our visitor ‘Lucas Jet’ has been a big hit!  His assemblies and workshops have been incredible and the children have been delighted to share in the circus experience.  The whole school have been able to watch Lucas perform many tricks as well as learn some tricks of their own in class workshops. Here are some quotes from a few children:


“It was awesome how only one person could do so many tricks!” Panayiotis Year 4

“I think it was mind-blowing of how he could do all of those tricks without failing!’ Vivian Year 4

“How can he juggle so well?” Maximos Year 5

“He was very funny and entertaining! I learnt how to co-ordinate my hands to juggle!” Noel Year 5