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The Curriculum the children are taught at St. Saviour’s is wide and varied and is designed to give all learners the knowledge and skills they need for a successful life ahead of them.  We ensure that we take into account the abilities and needs of all of our children and welcome the diversity and difference each and every child brings to our school. We give additional support where needed to children who may find learning more difficult and give further challenge for those who need it to help them extend their learning. Throughout the whole school, we ensure that the children are offered all areas of the curriculum. We are able to achieve this by planning topics and themes across the year.

We follow the requirements of the National Curriculum and our school has taken time to create topics and themes which meet these requirements. All children are usually taught English and Maths in the morning with Foundation subjects (RE, Science, Computing, Humanities, PE, Art, DT, Spanish, PSHE, Music) taught in the afternoon.  Within the topics that the children study with their class teacher, they will experience day trips, visiting experts as well as more usual lessons. We feel that it is vital for children to enjoy their lessons and have fun doing so – we do all that we are required plus add the magic ingredient of “Above and Beyond”.

Each class has a topic web which is sent home every term as well as being available on the website. If you have any questions about how you can help your child with their learning, please do not hesitate to talk to their class teacher or Ms. Woodford.

Our teachers have an excellent knowledge of the year groups they teach and are able to plan effective and creative lessons for our children.  Teachers hold different subject leadership roles and support each other with ideas to share their areas of expertise.

Within lessons, children are able to record their learning in a variety of ways such as writing, acting, debating, using technology and giving presentations. The children are also encouraged to self-reflect on their learning as well as give feedback to their peers.  All staff follow a Marking and Feedback Policy which enables the children to receive feedback within lessons using ‘Star Yellow’ and ‘Think Pink’ highlighters.  Children are also set targets in some subjects to help further improve their achievements.

We assess children in a variety of ways on a termly basis against age-related expectations.  Children can be ‘levelled’ using the terms; Emerging (E), Developing (D), Secure (S) and Mastering (M). The expectation is that children are ‘Secure’ by the time they reach the end of each year group but we understand that children may not always reach this standard, or may be working beyond this.  We make sure that our teaching and learning reflects the abilities of all of our children.

In addition, we have a large Creative Arts room where we aim to provide every child with the opportunity to experience quality lessons and opportunities with specialist teachers in Art, PE, Music, Dance and Drama. These wonderful teachers are sponsored by the PTA and we are very grateful to them for raising the money to fund these posts.  These teachers are specialists in their fields and really enhance and develop the children’s skills in these areas of the curriculum.

Our Attainment page will show you the latest outcomes from the National Tests which are completed every year by our Year 6 class. These results are always consistently in line with, or often above the national average and average for the Local Authority of Westminster. In addition, you can find further information about the outcomes of our children who are in receipt of Pupil Premium here

We believe that we offer a rich, varied and wide curriculum for our children. When they leave our school, they are fully prepared for Secondary School not only academically but also socially and emotionally.  Many children return to visit our school once they have started Year 7 and they always say how much they miss St. Saviour’s!

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