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School Day

Weekly Events

Monday : School Mass at Church from 2.50pm - 3:30 p.m. 

Children are collected from Church (Reception through to Year 6).

Tuesday: Whole School Assembly at 9:15 - 9:30am.

Taken by Ms Woodford.  The assembly is usually based around the thought of the week of a Bible story. 

Wednesday: Class Worship at 9.15 – 9.30am.

This is led by our RE Ambassadors and the children.

Hymn Practice at 2:30pm.

This time is non-contact time for staff. A rota of Teaching Assistants stay in the hall to help, led by Miss Hodgson. 

Thursday: Whole School Assembly 9:15 – 9:30am.

Taken by Mrs Nuechtern.  This assembly is usually themed around events happening around the world at that time with some singing.

Friday: Whole School Assembly 9:05 – 9:30am.

Taken by Ms Woodford. This assembly celebrations achievements made during the week as well as deciding who wins ‘Buster’, ‘Teacher Angel’, Team points and any other celebrations. 


Day to Day School Life


School gates on Shirland Road are opened by the Head teacher or Deputy Head.  The Site Manager is on duty on the playground with another member of staff. For Nursery, parents are to wait by the gate on Formosa Street which is opened just before 8.55am.

All parents leave their children at the gate and they walk down the steps onto the playground. Year 6 and Reception wait at the top of the stairs for their buddy and then walk down onto the playground together.  Nursery enter school through their own gate and are supervised by the Nursery staff.

8:55am The gate closed and the School Bell rings to start the day.  Arrival after this time, children will be considered late.

End of morning session for Nursery


End of afternoon session for Nursery


End of the day for Reception. Children are dismissed from Formosa Street.

3:20pm End of the day for KS1- children are dismissed from the Main School entrance. Parents are asked to wait on the pavement outside the main school entrance, by the school office. 
3:30pm End of the day for KS2 – children are dismissed from the gate on Shirland Road. Parents are asked to wait next to their child’s Year group number which is attached to the school railings.