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Year Six

Welcome to Year Six

Mrs Daly, Miss Weekes and Mrs Jalali


This is the final year of primary school. It is the year in which the children take their end of Key Stage 2 tests, (in May) and the year in which we prepare the children for secondary school.

Like all years in school, it is a full and busy one. Mathematics and Literacy are learned on a daily basis and other subjects, such as Science, History and P.E. are timetabled during the week. Topics for the year include: Brazil, Life on Earth and Purim in R.E.

As part of our learning, we take part in many additional curriculum activities, such as educational visits and school-based workshops lead by experts that come into School.  ‘Being prepared’ (for secondary school and beyond) is a strong P.S.H.C.E. curriculum area in Year 6 and we have a number of workshops and visits based around this theme.

Also, in Year Six, as part of the P.E. curriculum, the children have the opportunity to go horse riding in Hyde Park. There is also a week’s residential trip in Buckinghamshire where the children participate in a variety of outdoor activities to help enable them to become more confident, mature and independent. Much fun is had by all and this is one of the greatest memories that the children take with them when they leave primary school. 

To help promote greater responsibility and links with the community, at Christmas, the children in Year Six help organise and then put on a Senior Citizens’ Party. They also have ‘Buddies’ in the Reception Class to look after and take responsibility for at certain times of the week, including meeting and greeting them in the mornings and spending valuable time with them in the playground before School begins.

The Year 6 children are in fact ambassadors for the School in many ways, setting the example and being role models for all to see.

Overall, Year Six is a very rewarding and fulfilling time for the children at St. Saviour’s. The children leave the School well prepared and ready to take on new challenges that await them.