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Year Two

Welcome to Year Two

Miss Strange, Miss Smith, Miss Squires and Ms Anselm


Throughout the year we cover many exciting topics such as: London Buildings, The Great Fire of London, Jamaica, Famous People and the Seaside! In the Autumn term, the children learn about important buildings in Westminster and about the Great Fire of London.  The children really enjoy the topic and it is all encapsulated into their intriguing trip to the London Fire Brigade Museum where they get to explore many artefacts from that time.  In the Spring term, the children investigate what makes people famous through learning about the lives of Sir Christopher Wren, Mary Seacole and Steve Jobs.  During the Spring term we also research the Country of Jamaica, this gives the class an opportunity to explore the social geography of the country through looking at food, weather and national traditions. The children learn about many of the Geographical features of Jamaica such as the continent it is on, the surrounding sea and the imports and exports from Jamaica. The topic for the Summer term is the Seaside! The children really love the topic and enjoy comparing historical seaside holidays and seaside holidays today. The children then visit the seaside where the topic is really brought to life!

In RE we investigate and delve deeper into many themes through the use of ‘Big Questions’. Some of the questions we investigate throughout the year are: What does light symbolise in different religions? Why was Jesus called a teacher? How are the local churches similar and What is the meaning behind baptism? We aim to encourage the children to become critical and evaluative thinkers with a passion for discovery. The RE curriculum is delivered through a range of means including: drama, art, music and Godly play.

We aim to encourage children to become keen scientists through the use of investigation. Our topics have a heavy focus on enquiry skills and we encourage the children to take ownership over their learning by finding out answers to their own questions. The areas we study are: Living Things, Electricity, Changing Materials, Growth and Survival, Habitats, Animals and Plants.

During Year Two the children also have the opportunity, alongside Year One, to participate in the Key Stage One Nativity. It is always a highlight of the year and they put on an amazing show!