Parent Teacher Association

St. Saviour’s School has a thriving Parent Teacher Association (PTA) whose main aim is to raise money to fund additional equipment for the children. 

Money is raised through a variety of events held throughout the year. These are all listed on the School Calendar and are all guaranteed to be fun filled events.

The PTA Committee is very proud of the considerable sums raised and they have contributed to many different projects in the school. At the moment, our main aim is to raise sufficient funds to pay for our much valued specialist teachers for Music, PE and Art.

This means we need to raise at least £45,000 per year so a lot of work has to be done!

We have also paid for computers throughout the school and in the ICT room, playground safety surface, playground equipment, curriculum resources, interactive white boards and PE equipment.

The PTA Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 3:45 p.m. The Committee consists of Ms. Woodford (Chair), four teachers and four parents. 

The Class Reps meet on the first Thursday of each month at 9:00am up stairs in “Home Corner”. Each class has at least two representatives who help the Committee to pull together all of the parents to help with the many events we hold throughout the year.

Everyone works very hard to make each event a success and there is much laughter and hilarity on these occasions. Much fun is also had spending the money raised as it clearly benefits all of the children.