At St Saviour’s we aim for all children to become proficient writers with sound grammatical knowledge and a rich imagination. We believe the children should have the opportunity to practise and develop their writing skills from a starting point they enjoy. Teachers often use topics and themes which are tailored to their children’s interests.

The teaching of writing starts in the Early Years setting with mark making. The children are taught the correct pencil grip and explore making marks in a range of media such as paint, sand and shaving foam. There is continuous provision for mark making in the Early Years setting.
There is a high focus on the correct letter formation in Reception and this is key for their cursive writing later in their school life.

As children develop through the school they are given opportunities to practise and improve their writing in many different contexts. Throughout their time at St Saviour’s children receive ample opportunity to write in a range of genres such as stories, information reports, instructions, myths and legends and newspaper reports. The formal teaching of writing begins at word and sentence level and builds to structuring an extended piece of writing.

We recognise that writing is a complicated process and therefore, in order for children to succeed, our planning provides a range of scaffolds to support their success. These scaffolds include; talk for writing, drama and role play, embedded ICT, writing for a range of purposes and audiences, explicit grammar teaching in context, exposure to high quality texts, visual and language scaffolds as well as the systematic teaching of spelling and handwriting.